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When it comes to recruiting new members of staff, have you considered the benefits of targeting the ranks of Service leavers? This is a particularly pertinent question at the moment, with the wave of mass redundancies currently sweeping our Armed Forces. When it comes to hiring new staff for your business – at whatever level and whatever the skills requirement – the Forces’ loss could be your gain!
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Despite the widespread use of social media and the internet, attracting candidates is still an expensive exercise, representing a significant investment of your time, money and resources.
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So you’ve decided that you really can’t spend it all, so why not get into this philanthropy game; it sounds fun and you can join a new club. Well, you are right. It is fun and along the way you can fundamentally change lives for the better, often at a price that seems impossibly low. And of course, the learning is fantastic.
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| Posted by: Borge Andreassen

Diversity leads to more professional boards

Recent figures from the Government show that 19% of company board directors are now women. For FTSE 100 companies the figures are more mixed with the number of companies with a woman on their board has fallen; this is concerning as it means that there are still leading businesses with all-male boards. The figures are also more mixed for company executives; only a disappointing 6.1% are women.
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