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Head of Communications

The Organisation 

The London Library’s collection of over one million books, the majority housed on open access shelving, is probably one of the largest borrowing collections in the world. A registered charity, the Library is dedicated to the advancement of education, learning and knowledge.  

The Search 

The Head of Communications is a key member of the Library’s Development Team, which undertakes both the Library’s marketing and fundraising functions. The Library was seeking a talented and experienced leader, capable of driving the team to achieve their ambitious fundraising and membership targets. One of the key areas of focus for the role is to increase the media coverage the Library currently receives, and as such they were seeking an individual confident in working closely with various media.

Prospectus was appointed on an exclusive basis to lead the recruitment to this crucial role. Through a thorough recruitment process, encompassing advertising, social media and tapping into our extensive networks of candidates, Prospectus delivered a short list of highly qualified candidates for the Library to interview.

The Appointment

Julian Lloyd was appointed as Head of Communications to the Library in May 2015.  He previously worked at Natural England and National Trust with a career in media and communications spanning 22 years.